2024 "One Heart and One Morality" Chapter:


We work together to develop consensus and work together to achieve a new chapter.


2023 is the year of change and recovery after the three-year epidemic. It is also the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In an environment where there are blockages in the domestic cycle and weak social expectations, new industrialization, digital economy and artificial intelligence has been vigorously developed. If the industry advances in depth and opens up a new track, it will inevitably realize a new industrial ecology of resource integration, stock integration, and industry integration.


2023 is also the final year of the company’s three-to-five-year plan. Throughout the year, we focused on the seven-character policy of "programme, mechanism, impression and momentum" to anchor the core, empowered the management structure at all levels with "people, finance, material, things, time and results", and completed 150 projects around "SRDI" Project incubation. We drafted 227 mechanism rules, issued 44 red-headed documents, solved 232 difficult issues, and forged ahead in the triangular game of "output value, profit, and cash flow".


"Tao Te Ching" says: Governing a big country is like cooking small delicacies. When the Tao comes to the world, its ghosts are not gods. It is neither a ghost nor a god, and its gods will not hurt people. Neither gods nor saints will harm others. Husbands and wives do not hurt each other, so their virtues return to each other. Extended to the enterprise, it means that enterprises should be managed with integrity and people should be employed wisely. Managers should act in accordance with the principles of Tao (law), establish government for the public, govern for the people, forget selfishness, sincerely benefit all employees, and ensure management. Rights are public rights, not private rights. Acting in accordance with objective laws and pursuing development wholeheartedly is the way to long-term development.


Over the past year, we have been on a roll.21,549 new partners were added, 12,078 sales contracts were signed, and the output value increased by 22.3%. The market system has achieved a major breakthrough in the transformation to the project department around the "35150 Plan". The operation system has adapted to the project transformation and reshaped the eight core series of products. It has worked intensively in various subdivisions to create a holographic industry chain with real products, real prices and zero distance. and supply chain structure.


We embraced everything in the past year.Promote the in-depth integration of talents and industrial chains, and set up the "Million Lefilter Scholarship" and the "Million Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund" at Henan Institute of Technology, the Lefilter’s Minstry of foreign trade in Anyang College was officially listed,innovation and entrepreneurship guidance to students in Xinxiang Institute of Technologylectures and signed school-enterprise cooperation contracts, 2023 students from Xinxiang College served as internships. We participated a series of well-known industry exhibitions such as Indonesian Jakarta International Water Treatment Exhibition, the 7th Asian International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition,the third Huaihai Refrigeration Exhibition, and 2023 China (Xinxiang) Seventh Filtration and Separation Industry Exhibition and have achieved fruitful results.


Over the past year, we have worked together.The Beijing Life Sciences Project Department was established.Our Shangqiu branch has established for 6th anniversary and the Xinxiang factory is established for 10th anniversary. The Shangqiu pyrolysis team and middle and senior management took a 10-day self-driving trip to Inner Mongolia. The parents of outstanding partner has a 7-day trip to Sanya and 4-day trip to Shandong Peninsula. The 14th New Year Group Visiting, the 2023 Annual Gambling Conference and Stock Trading Conference, the 10th 23-kilometer cross-country hiking race, the May 1st Labor Model Selection and closed training for new partners was held. The third meeting of the Workers' Congress was held for 213 topics and further convening the fourth meeting to deepen 131 topics.The fourth buffet meeting launched the "overcoming difficulties and decisive battle for a hundred days" to eliminate market pressure and increase against the trend, and defend the honor with achievements.


In the past year, we have received many good news.3 new invention patents were added, and it was successfully selected as a gazelle enterprise in Henan Province, awarded multiple recognitions as a specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Henan Province, an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Henan Province, and a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Henan Province. It was elected as a governing unit of Xinxiang International Chamber of Commerce and won Evaluated as an advanced tax-paying unit in the High-tech Zone, obtained the EPC contracting qualification for environmental protection projects, doubled the company's equity and paid-in capital, hired multiple intermediaries to conduct in-depth company research and guidance, and empowered the company's high-quality development.


In China, the C919 large passenger airliner entered commerical service. The Chinese-built large cruise ship completed its trial voyage. The Shenzhou spaceships are continuing their missions in space. The "artificial sun" ran for 403 seconds and set a world record. The deep-sea manned submersible Fendouzhe reached the deepest ocean trench. The "Digital Torchbearer" lit up the Hangzhou Asian Games.Products designed and made in China, especially trendy brands, are highly popular with consumers. The latest models of Chinese-made mobile phones are an instant market success.New energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products are a new testimony to China's manufacturing prowess. The Chengdu FISU World University Games, the "village super league" football games and "village spring festival gala" are immensely popular.More people are embracing low-carbon lifestyles. All these exhilarating activities have made our lives richer and more colorful, and they mark the return of bustling life across the country. They embody people's pursuit of a beautiful life, and present a vibrant and flourishing China to the world.In the world,many things happened. For example, the Israeli-palestinian conflict, the Russian-ukrainian conflict, the Wagner rebellion, the African coup, the Turkish earthquake, the Canadian forest fire, the Japanese nuclear sewage discharge, the British strike, the American Hollywood strike, etc


Confucius said: Aspire to the Tao, live in virtue, rely on benevolence, and wander in art. The Chinese civilization has gone through five thousand years of vicissitudes and has been continuous, which has fully proved its tenacious vitality and pioneering ability to meet various challenges. The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. The center of gravity of the world economy has shifted from the two sides of the Atlantic to the two sides of the Pacific. China has provided Chinese solutions for global development and transformation, shifting from scale to quality, and from resource-driven to innovation-driven. Adhering to the open mind of "Learning, Thinking and Viewing", the Chinese people will think calmly, respond soberly, fight resolutely, and give without shame, and move forward with one heart and one mind. The Chinese nation will surely be able to achieve great rejuvenation!


As a national enterprise, Lefilters continues to focus on the fluid environmental protection industry. The company's eight series of products and EPC project general contracting anchor their respective subdivisions and focus on products. The company's "one meter wide, ten thousand meters deep" strategy remains unwavering and provides a solid foundation. The soul of Lefilter is setting standards for the industry, establishing the lives of employees, protecting the global environment on which we live, and striving to become the protector and practitioner of the global ecological environment!


The New Year's bell has sounded. Let's wave goodbye to the past, work together to promote development, and create the future together!


An Qi wrote in Lhasa, Tibet on January 1, 2024